Castelli Free Donna Tri Distance Suit Women’s for Women

To mitigate this, the shorts have been made to be what Castelli calls ‘slippery.’ By combining a nearly seamless design with a low-profile, compacted thread Lycra, air and water flow remains attached to the body as it comes off of the helmet and front of the bike during the ride, and the head and shoulders during the swim.The integrated leg grippers don’t feel like they’re binding your legs, as some grippers can. In color. Additionally, Castelli covered them with what it calls ‘fairing flaps’ in order to maintain a low hydrodynamic profile in the water.This brings us to the shorts’ aero- and hydro-dynamic benefits. This Castelli Free Donna Tri Distance Suit is a perfect balance between sport and style.

Castelli Free Donna Tri Distance Suit Women's for Women

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